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WW1 Imperial German Camouflaged M17 Steel Combat Helmet
A superb WW1 M17 three colour camouflage steel combat helmet of the Imperial German Army .
A true veteran of WW1 trench warfare the striking colours of this helmet have been hand brush applied in small black border line seperated sections of forest green , tan ochre & brick red . All three liner pins are totally undisturbed & still tight to the helmet with minor abrasions & service wear scuffing to its exterior in places. The interior of the helmet bears its original factory green paint with size & maker mark 'ET64' for the firm Eisenhutte.
The helmets liner system is remarkably complete with its 1917 steel band & the three pads remaining in their entirety. All three pads are maker marked & dated this being discernible as the maker 'Otto Koch , Berlin 1918'. This is visible on two of the pads however difficult to see on the front forehead pad although present. All three of the often missing original horsehair filled off white cushion pads are still present. One pad has the German soldiers name handwritten onto it in pencil this appearing to read ' Moller' in the very familiar handwriting style of the period .
A quite superb rare helmet which no doubt saw many of the horrors of trench warfare in the Great war.

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WW1 Imperial German Camouflaged M17 Steel Combat Helmet

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WW2 Parachute Regiment ( 2nd Bn , 1st Airborne Div ) Sergeants 1943 Battledress With Original 1944 Para Beret ,

A rare , untouched & only recently surfaced 'Attic acquired' Parachute Regiment battledress coming as found with its 1944 dated red beret . By the golden yellow lanyard still hanging from the left shoulder we can firmly attribute this grouping to the Second battalion , Parachute regiment who were part of the 1st Airborne Division fighting in North Africa & Italy & of course ... Arnhem.
The first original Parachute regiment battledress I have been fortunate enough to acquire this is a 1943 dated American 'War Aid' produced example made for Great Britain under the Lend Lease agreement & preferred by British troops when they could acquire them. Shoulder titles are the earlier embroidered ' PARACHUTE' pattern with embroidered pegasus patches that incorporate the seperate leg design . All insignia is handsewn with the sergeant stripes notably more crudely stitched than the other insignia which was most likely applied earlier by a more experienced hand at home. The golden yellow lanyard is totally original to the battledress the colour originating from the battalions first commanding officer EWC Flavell who , coming from the 70th Middlesex Regiment , wore one from this his parent battalion.
The beret is well worn with faint markings just about visible for that of 'KANGOLWEAR LIMITED' with broad arrow marking & date of 1944. Although very difficult to capture by camera it is clearly discernible to the naked eye.
A few moth nips exist overall.

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WW2 British Parachute Regiment Battledress & Beret - 2nd Battalion , 1st Airborne Division

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WW2 German Folding Entrenching Tool

Scarce WW2 German folding entrenching tool with 1942 dated prestoff carrier & a fantastic condition waffenamt marked & maker coded tool.
A classic item of WW2 German combat equipment the reddish brown bakelite screw nut of the shovel is in excellent working order with three letter maker code 'ekz' & a clear waffenamt mark beneath this. A good proportion of its original factory blackening remains to metal parts with wood shaft excellent.
The black prestoff cover is in field used condition with well worn markings to its rear point in which the date '42' can be seen. A very well executed repair has been carried out to a stress tear in the belt loop which now enables this to be hung on from the belt with no problems. The front securing strap has started to wear at its foldover point however it is at the edges only & a reinforcing tape has been placed at the back of it.
A good field used example , perfect for display & indicative of these essential kit items which were well used by combat troops in action.

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WW1 Imperial German Mapcase 1914

Scarce WW1 Imperial German mapcase with early first issue date of 1913.
Markings to the mapcase show its apparent issue to a cavalry regiment ' HR5' of the Prussian XVI Armee Korps ( Metz ) 'BAXVI' . SHown as last issued in 1914.
In good well used condition & a hard piece to find now.

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WW2 German Jackboots

A pair of the standard black leather German wehrmacht marching boots this pair coming complete with some of their original hobnail studs remaining.
This pair also have both toe tips still present & heel shoes intact. Both canvas pull straps remain intact to shaft interior. Soldiers boots were often kept serviceable by army cobblers in the field & pull straps could be repositioned according to personal preference if necessary as is the case here.

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WW2 German M40 Single Decal Army Combat Helmet

An M40 single decal army helmet in excellent untouched condition with intact leather liner & textbook ' Heer' decal.
Helmet is an appealing size 64 with 'Q' maker mark for the firm ' Quist ' . It is factory finished in a rough slate grey paint with all three liner pins original to the helmet. Decal is the classic 'Bigfoot' design which refers to the distinctively larger size of the talons on the left side only seen on Quist produced helmets.
The size & lot codes of 'Q64' & 'DN 140' confirm its configuration ( ICE ) as a single decal army helmet with zinc liner band & sheepskin liner. Liner displays much sweat wear & evidences this being a very field worn German combat helmet. There are soldiers initials faintly scratched into the rear rim of the helmet. Long part of the original chinstrap remains with pointed end now minus. There is a small hardly visible repair to the underside of one liner finger.
Nice combat example.

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WW1 Imperial German Army ' Tarnkapp DRP' Hand Held Torch

A WW1 German hand held torch this being the scarce 'Tarnkapp DRP' model not often seen now.
Grey green painted & with adjustable lense visor it has leather buttonhole fob to rear.

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WW1 Imperial German Personal Items - 'Hindenburg Pickelhaube 'Ceramic Pipe , Compass Glass & Pen knife

WW1 German personal item grouping the first item being a ceramic pipe depicting Hindenburg sold privately to troops & their families to celebrate the flavour of the era . An interesting piece with a well detailed pickelhaube as the lid for the tobacco well .The depiction of Hindenburg surmounts the wording ' Generalfeldmarschall v.Hindenburg' . The pipe is fashioned from a piece of hollowed thin tree branch.
Also included is a ' BAVARIA' marked Opera type magnifying glass & compass tool. These were produced for the civilian market in the period however were a practical item for the WW1 German soldier. The last item is a Robert Klaas,Solingen made pen knife of the period.
All classic pocket items of the WW1 German soldier.

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