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WW1 Imperial German M17 Camouflage Helmet

A very good & complete WW1 Imperial German M17 camouflage helmet.
This helmet displays the textbook hand painted black line seperated camouflage scheme with the green , brown & tan ochre colours immediately striking in their appearance. This type of camouflage pattern complies with the Ludendorff order of 1918 which prescribed the use of finger thick black lines to seperate the camouflage colours of each segment. Wear & scuffing to the camouflage paint is visible upon examination this revealing its factory green finish underneath in places.
Two small dents to the rear of the helmet indicate battle scarring possibly by shrapnel. Interior of helmet has the M17 metal liner band with totally untouched pins unmolested from the day they were fitted at the factory. The large sized shell is marked 'Si66' for 'Eisenhuette Silesia, Paruschowitz Oberschlesien' . There is a partially visible name handwritten in pencil to underside of rear rim. The light coloured pads are often seen on later helmets such as this & are complete with their original cushion pads. A drawstring remains on one of the pads tongues however the ends are shredded from wear to the eyelets.
An excellent original camouflage helmet & one that has seen much action.

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WW1 Imperial German Camouflaged M17 Steel Combat Helmet

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WW2 US D-Day Assault Waterproof Rubber Bag

A large sized waterproof rubber bag made for the protection of signals communication & other equipment during amphibious landings. These were much used during the D-Day landings & are very sought after today.
Five sizes were available this being the largest size coming complete with front & side buckle up rubber straps & rear webbing shoulder straps.
In superb unperished condition & a fantastic addition to any D Day display.
Rare item.

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WW1 Italian Model 15 'Adrian' Helmet

A very rare Italian Model 1915 helmet , produced by the Italians & strongly resembling the French Adrian Model 1915 helmet.
These now seldom encountered Italian models appeared in 1916 however were still designated the Model 1915 . They differed from their French forerunners by having a more robust two part only construction consisting of the shell & the crest. They were also easier & therefore cheaper to manufacture then the French version. They came in a grey green factory paint with no insignia ( Or holes ) to the front their being no official regulations in respect of helmet insignia.
This is a magnificent apparently unissued example with nearly all of its factory paint finish remaining. Its interior two piece liner is constructed with leather headband & leathercloth tongues . The black crown surmounting 'MA' initials within a circle are believed to be a manufacturers mark. The brown leather chinstrap remains intact , this most likely due to its robust heavy gauge. The paper glued label to rear lip may well have been a price tag or inventory label .
A very rare helmet of the Great War.

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WW2 German M24 Stick Grenade Carrying Case

A scarce WW2 German carrying case for the M24 stick grenade with much of its original paint remaining.
These green painted metal canisters carried sixteen stick grenades & have become extremely sought after today. This example is dated 1938 & has eagle & swastika waffenamt inspection markings to lid. All of the remaining paint is its original factory green paint finish , not repainted like most that come onto the collectors market. Hinge action working perfectly & no woodworm to wood handle.
A nice Normandy battlefield piece .

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WW2 German 6 X 30 Dienstglas In Bakelite Carrying Case

A pair of the classic WW2 German 6 X 30 'Dienstglas' binoculars complete with original black leather neckstrap & bakelite carrying case.
Carl Zeiss Dienstglas with graticule markings & serial number to right shoulder. Optics are clear with focus but some spotting.
Black bakelite carrying case has its pull tab intact to front with both belt loops to rear. One belt loop has become detached at its top .

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WW2 German NSDAP Swastika Armband

A multi construction swastika armband of the NSDAP .
Fine quality cotton multi construction with rear central stitch .
Very clean undamaged example.

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WW2 German Hitler Youth/Deutsche Arbeits Front 'Kreissiger' Badge 1938

A bringback 1938 Kreissiger badge , a 'Champions' badge for the Annual Trade Competition of the Hitler Youth. These competitions were held annually to aid German youth to develop proficient skills in manual, technical or professional trades.
The badge features a multi piece, bronze washed, die struck tombac construction Kreis level badge with multi-colored enamel work. Badge has a circular base with recessed outer edge with embossed laurel leaf wreath. Wreath encompasses a white enameled central field with inlaid gold gilt, Latin script and date, “Keissieger 1938”, (Local Victory 1938). Central white enamel field is surmounted with a bronze washed political style eagle with outstretched wings, clutching a DAF style cogged wheel with an enameled HJ diamond superimposed on top. The HJ diamond is the standard type with translucent red enamel to top and bottom tips with an underlying pebbled field and white enamel to each side with central, canted, black enamel swastika. Solid concave reverse with solid soldered hinge, broad vertical pin and heavy soldered catch all intact. Reverse is well marked with embossed manufacturers name and location, “G. Brehmer Markneukirchen”.
Badge has the top red portion minus to HJ diamond with lower part of the rear pin not present. This is typically the result of being pulled off of a uniform when souvenired so there is most likely a story here that we will never know ! Interestingly the rear of the badge has scratched onto it the following ' H.Rossen Wehrshausen ' which appears to be a name & the place he is from in Germany 'Wehrshausen' which is in the vicinity of Marburg.

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WW1 US M1917 Mounted Canteen Set

Scarce WW1 US Mounted canteen set with M1917 Mounted cover , canteen & cup.
The cover is distinctive with web loops at sides & bottom to hold the brown leather strap & brass snap hook. Canteen & cup are both maker marked & 1918 dated.

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WW2 German Rare Training Egg Grenade ( Eihandgranate 39Ub )

The only example I have ever seen & practically unobtainable this is a training example of the German M39 egg grenade with the distinctive red painted & holed body similar to that of the stick grenade version.
An example is pictured on page 253 of the superb reference work 'Uniforms & Traditions of the German Army Vol III ' by Bender Publishing.
Pitted but with its original paint finish.

Code: 8419Price: 450.00 GBP

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