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WW2 German M42 Raw Edge Single Decal Army Helmet

A textbook raw edge M42 army combat helmet with single decal & original chinstrap.
Finished in its original rough texture factory grey paint throughout the shell is an 'ET' production (Eisenhutte) . Its decal conforms exactly to that expected of an ET helmet with the distinctive rounded curve to its upper right wing & noticeable 'dimple' to right talon. This has become known as the 'ET Decal' .
All liner pins are undisturbed & original so it is clear that the liner has never been out. An appealing size '66' large shell size it comes with original ' ftb44' marked black leather chinstrap with grey painted steel buckle.
Certainly a German helmet that has seen combat use with a hard to find original chinstrap.

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WW2 German Late War Matching 'Kriegsmarine' Belt & Buckle

A matching buckle & belt leather in the ' Einheits' dark gray blue steel often used by the Kriegsmarine in the latter part of the war.
Produced without leather tab this buckle dates from after 1943 & has exactly the same factory distinctive colour finish to the steel tab of its belt leather. Always having been together , the size mark '95' can be seen to its tongued end .
A rare late version to find & one that would compliment a Kriegsmarine display of that period very well.

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WW2 German M40 Single Decal Luftwaffe Helmet

A fine example of an early production M40 luftwaffe single decal helmet complete with original chinstrap.
This Quist ( Q ) produced helmet is factory finished in the textbook rough blue grey of 1940 specification & according to the lot number of 'DN137' is a 1941 production. It is interesting to note that the liner pins are still in the earlier smooth blue grey paint , existing stocks from the M35 models were still being used up on these early M40 runs.
Its second pattern luftwaffe decal with dotless wing is typical of an early M40 made by Quist , these are also found on late production M35 helmets. Interior shows a zinc banded undisturbed liner still with its original drawstring . The name or initials ' LUX' are handwritten to one side. Complete with its original chinstrap this has an aluminium buckle & studs & is RF numbered to end.
An excellent luftwaffe combat helmet hard to find with original chinstrap.

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WW2 US M41 Jacket

An original US M41 jacket in good used condition. Worn By US infantry in all theatres of WW2 & commonly associated with those infantrymen fighitn through Normandy in 1944.
In the distinctive tan cotton with flannel lining this jacket is complete with all of its original buttons & correct TALON zip . As with most of these very popular jackets there is evidence of service wear with some fraying to sleeve ends & wear to the underside of the collar. With no unsightly rips or tears to the thin cotton there are some small wear/dirt marks in places. Inside lining is totally intact.
A good used example of the M41 combat jacket with an approximate 42 inch chest.

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WW2 British '37 Pattern Wirecutters ( 1941 Dated Pouch )

Very hard to find wartime dated '37 pattern wirecutter webbing pouch with wirecutters.
Pouch is MECo marked ( Mills Equipment ) & clearly 1941 dated. Wirecutters are maker marked to 'ETF Ltd' however only the first three digits of the date '194*' are visible.
Very hard to find wartime dated pouches now many being from the 1950s.

Code: 8101Price: 75.00 GBP

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WW2 British Denim Battledress 1944

A 1944 dated denim battledress blouse with all of its correct removeable buttons intact.
Worn as working dress by the regular British military in WW2 as well as by Home Guard troops who wore it as regular battledress this example has its clothing label still present giving Belfast maker of Ulidia Clothing & date 1944 . Measurements given are for a size 34 -35 waist with Breats 34-35 & height 5ft7in to 5ft 8 in.
Good used example with one small hole under left arm.

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WW2 British Army Pullover 1942

WW2 British army khaki wool knit pullover dated 1942.
In excellent condition it has a V neck with broad arrow marked maker label reading 'J.B.L Size 3 1942 '
Only three small holes are visible to the rear upon close inspection.
A scarce item many having been worn to destruction by former British soldiers in the postwar period.

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WW2 British '37 Pattern Webbing Belt 1940

Rare 1940 dated British '37 pattern webbing belt in unblancoed webbing.
With all brass fittings & the maker stamp of Mills Equipment Company the markings to the belt read 'MECo 1940 ' .
A size Small.

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WW2 British '37 Pattern Battledress Blouse

A near mint condition 1937 pattern battledress blouse with concealed button pleated pocket frontage & all brass buttons.
With 1942 dated clothing label intact it is made by the West Auckland Clothing Company & is a size 13 .
In overall excellent condition.

Code: 8096Price: 145.00 GBP

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WW2 German Party Flag/Banner

German party banner/flag with looped top hanging edge .
Measuring 150cm X 78 cm it is in good condition with a few small age marks in places noticeable only upon close inspection.
Classic backdrop for display.
Sold purely as a historical item only.

Code: 8116Price: 225.00 GBP

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