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WW2 German M44 Combat Trousers ( Feldhose )
A rare pair of the German M44 trousers the final model of trouser issued to German soldiers in the closing stages of WW2.
Constructed in grey wool this model have a straight cut with two pointed flap pockets to front & stitched in belt loops to waist. The rear of the trousers have two button up flap pockets to compensate for the two lower pockets not present on the new M44 Field Blouse. The waistband is lined with white cotton & the underside of the pocket flaps are reinforced with blue artificial silk, very typical of late war construction. Materials used in the construction of this late model varied considerably from a grey to brown wool mix with existing stocks of whatever was available being used up to feed demand. The material used here is of the same grey wool mix seen on the M43 tunic thus most likely dating these to the late 1944 period. Dice stamped size markings are clearly visible with RB number ink stamped below this. Ankle cords present to bottoms.
A very good pair these are field used with wear to the nap of the cloth & only a couple of minor field repairs noticeable upon close inspection.
Waist size is an approx 32 in with inside leg an approx 28.5 inches.

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WW2 British 11th ( Newquay ) Battalion Home Guard , Cornwall Area Battle School Photograph Album

A very rare Home Guard photograph album recording the officers & men of the 11th ( Newquay ) Battalion Cornwall Home Guard in training as well as scenes from a large parade within Newquay town. The album is likely to have been recorded during a larger exercise in which other troops were taking part & is believed to be taken at the Cornwall Coastal Area Battle School. A large group photograph dated April 1943 came with the album & shows officers from the school with some of their names written on the back of the picture in pen.
The 11th Battalion Cornwall Home Guard were responsible for the Newquay area & their distinctive beaked bird patches can be seen on many of the battledress & some of the steel helmets in wear in the photographs. This large album contains 127 black & white photographs with some quite superb shots of men firing weapons such as the Spigot Mortar , the drum fed Besa Machine Gun & the Vickers. Some live time photographs of ordnance exploding with troops sheltering in positions nearby are also seen as well the great detail which can be studied of the uniforms & equipment being worn by the Home Guard in the field.
From high ranking officers right down to the lower ranks they are all here depicted in preparation for an anticipated German invasion.

Code: 8186Price: 425.00 GBP

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WW2 German Screwback Iron Cross First Class

A desirable tunic removed screwback Iron Cross First Class with maker number to rear pin of ' L/59 ' for the firm Alois Rettenmaier; Schwäb-Gmünd .
With much of its original black finish remaining the detailing is still crisp & screw thread in perfect working order.
An iconic piece & a wonderful addition to any historic collection.

Code: 8195Price: 265.00 GBP

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WW2 German Iron Cross Second Class

A good example of the Iron Cross second class number marked to ring '128' for the maker 'S. Jablonski GmbH, Eitterstrasse 17, Posen' .
Complete with ribbon & much of its original finish remaining.

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WW1 Imperial German Iron Cross First Class

A wonderful WW1 Imperial German Iron Cross first class with maker mark to rear of 'ko' for the firm Koenigliches Muenzamt Orden, Berlin .
Nearly all of its original finish remains to the cross with tapered pin assembly to rear in perfect order.
A very nice award.

Code: 8193Price: 145.00 GBP

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WW2 German 1939 'Spange' To The Iron Cross First Class 1914

A superb example with much of its original finish remaining & pin assembly 100 % intact to rear.

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WW2 German Folding Entrenching Tool ( 1942 Dated Shovel )

Scarce WW2 German folding entrenching tool with 1942 dated shovel & a fantastic condition waffenamt marked prestoff cover.
A classic item of WW2 German combat equipment the reddish brown bakelite screw nut of the shovel is in good working order with three letter maker code 'gyr' & date 1942 . The lettering & number '8 KP' can also be seen this most likely being '8 Kompany ' . A good proportion of its original factory blackening remains to metal parts.
The black prestoff cover is in quite superb condition with clear waffenamt code '286' . This code is early & relates to the 1939/40 period.
An excellent example.

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WW2 British Home Front Rescue Supervisor Helmet 1938

A stunning hardly worn example of a home front helmet to a member of the 'Rescue' service. The white paint & double black lines denote a senior rank. It is interesting to note that this man appears to have been promoted through the ranks as the helmet was initially issued in black presumably with a white 'R' . There are then two layers of white paint , the first ( Its edges still visible at the rim ) having had a white only coat with no black stripe at junior rank. Upon his next promotion the second overpaint was applied this time with his new rank bearing two vertical black stripes going over the helmet. When one inspects the liner & dome pad of the helmet it is apparent that this whole helmet has hardly ever been worn & so it was either a spare helmet or owned by a man bound to an office position managing workloads , personnel & bureacracy !
This helmet is one of the earliest issues with 1938 dated liner cradle & oval dome pad. The first khaki paint of the factory issue is visible to the interior crown of the helmet . All early Home Front helmets were initially khaki painted from the factory before being issued to their relevant department.
A very nice Home Front helmet straight out of WW2.

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WW1 Imperial German Iron Cross Second Class

A fine example with much of its original finish remaining & ribbon intact.
Ring is maker marked 'CO80' for the firm Carl Dillenius, Pforzheim .

Code: 8197Price: 45.00 GBP

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WW2 German Silver Wound Badge

Nice bringback example maker coded 'L/54' for Schauerte & Hohfeld, Ludenscheid ' .
Undamaged needle pin mount to rear. Some nice service wear to high points .

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