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WW2 German Luftschutz Gladiator Helmet

German civilian air raid personnel helmet of the 1938 pattern in good condition with very crisp Luftschutz decal to front.
Much of its original dark blue paint remains to inside & out with brown three sectioned leather liner. The 'Luftschutzgezetz' transfer to rear rim of helmet is still complete with 1938 date markings to rear rim underside.
Chinstrap complete with one small stress tear to buckle area.

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WW2 British Parachutists Oversmock 1944

1945 & postwar versions abound , this is a scarce 1944 dated example of the sleeveless green denim oversmock or Parachutists jacket as it is otherwise known. Worn over all other jump gear without the Denison or over the Denison in some cases.
With its working full length zipper & two elasticated ' Grenade pockets to the front the label is intact giving the details ' Jackets Parachutists Size No.3 ' with size details , broad arrow & date of 1944 . Made by the firm ' HENRY BROWN (CLOTHIERS )LTD MIDDLESBROUGH ' . An actual issued example with unit markings painted to back of smock & the name of a soldier from ' HQ Company' to inside. There is an army number to bottom hem of smock & collar.
With its brass Newey pop studded tail intact it is in good condition & very difficult to find with this D-Day & Arnhem date .

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WW2 German Matching Numbered Gas Mask & Canister

From a combat collection recently purchased this German gas mask has matching soldiers gas mask number to mask & carrying tin.
Mask is of the earlier rubberised green fabric with 1936 date to inside edge of facepiece & early Weimar style waffenamt stamp. Filter is is an Fe41 model with gas mask number '711' to snout. Carrying tin has a high proportion of its green paint remaining with 1940 date to lid. Spare lens compartment contains two packs of 1940 dated lenses. Both long & short carrying straps are 100% wartime with issue with long strap having rubberised strengthener to bracket end with marking 'ebd43' . Matching '711' number to neck of tin.

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WW2 British No.36 Grenade With Gas Check Plate 1940

Very nice No.36 grenade with gas check plate for rifle grenade use . Both dated 1940.
Grenade has remains of green painted band & three red crosses to body. Screw plug to bottom dated 1940.
Gas check dated 12/40.

This item can be proved inert upon visual inspection.


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WW2 German Luftschutz Verbandkasten

Medical box for the German Luftschutz complete with original card instruction label to inside of lid.
Although an early label in early gothic style font there is a later ink stamp most likely relating tp its ownership dated 1944.

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WW1 British 3rd Lincolnshire Regiment Marked '08 Pattern Bayonet Frog With Helve Strap

A regimentally marked 08 pattern bayonet frog with rare helve strap still present. These were ordered removed in 1922 & thus surviving examples are rare.

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WW2 British 'Fire Guard Instructor' Helmet 1941

Scarce WW2 British 1941 dated Zuckerman helmet with white painted band of seniority & initials ' FGI ' for Fire Guard Instructor .
Much of the blue grey paint remains to helmet with leather & webbing liner system held in place by the standard lace system around the circumference of the helmet.
Interesting helmet from the Zuckerman family.

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WW1 British '08 Pattern Webbing Waterbottle Cradle 1918

Green blancoed '08 waterbottle cradle with broad arrow marking, MECO manufacturer & date 1918.

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WW1 British MkVI Webley Revolver Holster

For the British officers Sam Browne equipment set & of WW1 period with securing hook for waistbelt to prevent slippage.

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US Vietnam M1 Combat Helmet With Soldier Graffiti

A text book example US combat helmet of the Vietnam period with soldier graffiti drawn onto the cover & all parts dating from the conflict period.
Helmet has the early camouflage cover in twill material dating from the mid 1960s , these were constructed from a different material soon after this date & the contract number on the underside of one of the tongues gives us the date period of 1964-65. The helmet band in place around the helmet is of period origin the later postwar issues being of a different design. The blackened chinstrap hardware is totally correct for the period with a date range from 1967 until 1973 . Liner webbing is marked with the date '19MAR69' & also the the initials 'DSA' are an ordnance contract marking only used up to 1976 , it was replaced after this date by different lettering.
Overall a superb early piece which dates from the thick of the Vietnam fighting.

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