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WW2 German 'Double Erel' Infantry Officers Visor Cap

A quite beautiful example of a Robert Lubstein made ' double Erel ' Infantry officers visor cap .
Robert Lubstein were a prolific maker of visor caps & went under the acronym of 'Erel' which would appear on the crown of the cap & sometimes the sweatband as well giving these sought after examples the collector term of a ' double Erel ' . This manufacturer provided high quality caps to all branches of the Wehrmacht & offered a unique ventilation system as an optional extra with a vented cockade that allowed fresh air to enter the cap through a hole in the capband. The sweatband on this piece is also marked 'EREL' stirnschutz ( Forehead protection ) . Four models of the 'Erel' cap could be purchased this being the 'Private' as can be faintly seen under the diamond pattern on the crown. Made from a fine finished wool material the cap has a distinctive saddle shape as per post 1936 specifications. Interior of the cap has a golden yellow lining with celluloid diamond & reddish brown checquered peak underside.
A superb high quality example with no moth whatsoever.

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Original & Rare D-Day Eisenhower ' June 6, 1944, Order Of The Day ' Printed Leaflet

These June 6, 1944, order of the day printed leaflets were issued by Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force General Dwight D. Eisenhower to Allied forces on the eve of D-Day, the first day of the invasion of Normandy. The message was intended to impress upon the troops the importance of their mission which Eisenhower called a "Great Crusade". Eisenhower had been drafting the order since February 1944 with subsequently 175,000 members of the Allied Forces receiving one.
This rare surviving example is in very good condition with three folds as is typical.

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WW2 German Army Other Ranks M41 Field Blouse 1941

A German army M41 combat tunic with its original factory sewn collar litzen still in place. The four equipment belt hooks come with the tunic.
The M41 tunic was an improvement on the slightly earlier M36 tunic the most noticeable difference being the collar in grey matching the rest of the tunic. With four pleated pockets & a hook & eye fastened collar it is a classic piece of German infantryman combat uniform as worn right through WW2 in many theatres. Markings to interior lining give sizes & a Berlin Depot inspection stamp dated 1941. Both of its universal rayon collar litzen are clearly original to the tunic this being evident on a visual inspection of front & reverse. The green backed rayon breast eagle has been zig zag stitched through the inside lining & is very visually correct although in my opinion reapplied. This piece has much of its nap left to cloth with only moderate service wear . There are no rips , tears or unsightly moth holes that are immediately apparent. A very good mannequin size & just a very nice German combat tunic .

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Published WW2 British Police Inspectors Helmet 1939

A totally untouched rare wartime Police Inspectors helmet which can be seen on page 151 of the superb Adrian Blake reference book ' Helmets of the Home Front'.
A blue MkII helmet overpainted in white with one rank pip surmounting what appears to be a decal type transfer ' POLICE' it would appear this style originated in the London area. With heavy service wear throughout there are chips & scuffs to the exterior with an uncleaned & cobwebbed interior that looks like it was in a shed for a long time ! Remains of the blue paint can be seen to rim underside with 1938 dated chinstrap lugs & 1938 date to rim ( See images ) . Liner cradle can be faintly seen to bear the maker name & date of 'JCS&W Ltd 1939' ( Compton & Webb).
Web chinstrap is intact with the initials 'NW' . Rare helmet & one that has seen much war service by a Police Inspector .

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WW2 US M1911A1 Pistol Holster 1942

An excellent 1942 dated example of the brown leather M1911A1 US automatic pistol holster .
Maker marked & dated 'BOYT42' to rear & complete with lanyard.

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WW2 German Luftwaffe Brown K98 Cartridge Pouch Pair

A pair of K98 cartridge pouches in brown of the luftwaffe .
As worn by all luftwaffe ground troops such as Field Division , Flak Crews , Paratroopers etc. Both are marked to rear the date can be seen as 1938 on one of them. One pouch has soldiers name to underside of one flap & all internal dividers present bar one .

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WW2 British Paratrooper Oversmock 1944

1945 & postwar versions abound , this is a scarce 1944 dated example of the sleeveless green denim oversmock or Parachutists jacket as it is otherwise known. This was worn over all other jump gear without the Denison or over the Denison in some cases.
With its working full length zipper & two elasticated ' Grenade pockets to the front the label is intact giving the details ' Jackets Parachutists Size 5 ' with size details , broad arrow & date of 1944 . Made by the firm ' HENRY BROWN (CLOTHIERS )LTD MIDDLESBROUGH ' .
With its brass Newey pop studded tail intact it is in good condition & very difficult to find with this D-Day & Arnhem date .

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WW2 German Y Straps

A near mint pair of German equipment Y straps dating from the midwar period.
With grey painted steel fittings , good supple leather & an RB number to reverse these really are one of the best pairs I have ever had !

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WW2 German NSDAP/SA Political Leaders Brown Leather Waistbelt

Wide brown leather RZM marked waistbelt for wear by SA /NSDAP Political Leaders .
In excellent condition & measuring an approx 100cm in length.

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WW2 German M34 Double Decal Fire Police Helmet

A very nice example of the M34 'Feuerschutzpolizei' ( Fire Protection Police ) helmet with double decals.
All firefighting personnel came under the new ancillary force 'Fire Protection Police' as of 1938 these personnel generally being issued the standard Feuerwehr helmets as seen here. With black satin finish both decals are remaining in a high proportionality with chinstrap intact & a civil liner to inside. Chinstrap is intact with rust to buckles which I have made no attempt to clean .

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